Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jingle Crossing and Ferris Wheel Lines Part Deux

Last year Jingle cross was crazy fun and raced both days. This year its only one day, but my first UCI Elite race, holy shit! One day will probably be enough and I'm just hoping not to get pulled. It will be mad fast with some of the country's heavy hitters lining up to take all that money. It should be way cool and great experience to really see how fast the top guns are while I dangle.

Last year I got into a little squabble with a fellow racer after he pushed me (open handed) into a bush on the course. After the race words ensued, hence the Ferris Wheel lines quote. I started back row in nearly 130 racers and made my way up to 6th. This was not done by waiting in line for the ferris wheel, it was by being aggressive, taking chances, and letting it all hang out. This fellow racer got all peeved when I cut him in a corner while making my way up. Let's just say it ended all good with only words exchanged and some parting gestures.

Everybody eat up and see you on the other side.


ScottyD said...

You should have slapped him, opened handed, on his smart mouth. Good luck. Give Wells a good smack on the ass when he blows by.

JB said...

kick his ass Seabass!

Good luck and hold on tight!

Mark Studnicki said...

Welcome to the big leagues. At least racing Elite, you can start in the very back and not really get held up much as long as the course is open. Wish I could have been there but glad I didn't make the drive. Looking at the results, it would have been another case or turning myself inside out 10 times just to stay on the lead lap.